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This lighting fixture business was started in 1950 by Gates Moore after several years of cabinet repair shop work for a high class antique shop. There he acquired his knowledge of and a feeling for good quality antiques which he passed on to his daughter, Patricia. The business is now in it's 3rd generation being run by Patricia's daughter, Elizabeth. The love for finishes, shapes, and construction methods of the old-time craftsman are followed and practiced in producing all of our lights. We send them out without apologies or excuses to anyone for the design or finish or the craftsmanship necessary to make a good fixture. Fifty years ago we made candelabras which sold as old. We don't make fakes anymore but we are still fakers . . . . as no electrified fixture can be very old, electricity wasn't in use when our designs were prevalent. Over a long period of time we have made the fixtures shown in this catalog plus nearly all of the sconces and chandeliers shown in several of the reference books on early American lights. We can nearly always adapt the old to the new or electric by concealing the electric wire in rolled edges or tubing or hollow hooks. No modern bolts or fasteners show in any of our fixtures. All joined parts show soldered joints as they were back in the day.

A list of restorations, museums and collections for which our fixtures have been made is available upon request.


All lighting fixtures are handcrafted, including the drip on the tapered candles. All metal parts are bent and crimped with simple hand tools. When made in this manner, no matter how well done, they always have a hand made look. The wooden center pieces are hand turned. The bobeches can be spun as shown in #15 or hand crimped as shown in most fixtures. All lighting fixtures can be wire for electrical, made to hold candles, or so they can be used for gas.


The colors shown below are hand painted by brush from cans of our own shop mixed paints so they don't come across on a computer screen well. For more accurate results please contact us for a paint sample or to stop by and look at them in person. Fixtures are painted in old paint effect or to your color sample. Any metal fixture can be from distressed tin, with remnants of paint, pewter coated, painted. Copper lanterns can be oxidized or painted.

Brown on Red Red Green Brown Black Pewter Grey
Brown on Red Red Green
Brown Black Pewter Grey
Brown on Red Red
Green Brown
Black Pewter Grey
Brown on Red
Pewter Grey

These colors are approximate. An actual paint strip is available upon request. Click the strip for a bigger image.

A few of our featured products

(10DD) Ceiling or hall light. Six sided. Metal, painted or distressed tin.

(32) Chandelier. Painted old red, green or to your color sample.

(12A) Metal Doubledecker Chandelier.

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